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Who we are?

Miguel Galve in the OME Congress
Miguel Galve Pymemarketing manager
Miguel Galve teaching at the MeBA

Established in 2009 by marketing consultant Miguel Galve, Pymemarketing. Publicidad y Comercio Electrónico  S.L.U. is a specialised company in providing professional services to small and medium sized business that wish to start advertising and marketing actions on the Internet at an affordable price according to their budget but with a high added value.

Result-oriented, we offer business solutions according to our criteria, executive and efficient ability to maximise the merchant’s benefit at the minimum cost.

Our experience, knowledge and attitude are the things that will do whatever professional challenge you bring us. We’re able to achieve results that can be translated into sales increases, significant increases in your site’s traffic or attracting as many users as possible for a target audience with a specific advertising message.

With our help your business will take off immediately. Order now any of our service packs most appealing for you or contact us for a quotation suited to your needs!

How can we Help you?

How can we Help you?

We place at your disposition our knowledge, experience, a professional team and a network contact to help you make your business work, and to be successful in the Internet!

Our professional services are never a cost but an investment. If you invest in us on a monthly basis for a number of services in your company, results will become visible, your traffic and your sales will increase remarkably. Let’s IMPROVE! Request a quote or a Consultation in our Services site and order the most suitable packs for you!

We recommend ordering some of the most comprehensive plans which include different action disciplines in online marketing, as they will be quickest way to obtain results each month in your Website or Online Business!

Benefits we Offer:

  • Quality. We pay attention to detail and we like to do our work properly, that is why we assure you any project you trust us we will give it back to you knowing that we have put the best of ourselves to feel satisfied with the results .


  • Transparency and Clarity. We only recommend those Internet Marketing actions that work, and we always give you our opinion on what we really think you are interested to know, so that if anything doesn’t work out or we consider it an improvement, we’ll let you know.


  • Experience. We’ve worked for several clients and developed our own projects, we know what this business is about and that hard work is the key to obtain results. Our overall knowledge, our team and our experience are at your disposition to order online at an economical cost and with all the facilities.


  • Readiness. We like to give our clients an immediate response to their needs. We have an adaptable structure for all of our client’s circumstances to make everything easy peasy. Work with us, we’ll respond to all your demands!


  • Continuous Improvement. We’re passionate about our job, naturals for trade and a we have true vocation for service. Become one more of our satisfied clients and improve your business income!


  • Reach. It’s always good to have contacts, you never know when you may need a hand. Well, we do know a lot of people from this business who we know we can count with and will be able to fix every day problems. Trust us and we’ll always recommend you the best for your business!


  • Challenges. We enjoy excelling ourselves, improving, reaching the goals that we set. Challenge us with an appealing business targets!


  • Updating. Every day to keep up with the Internet’s change pace As entrepeneurs and eager researchers, we enjoy setting ourselves an online business so that we can truly explain how to our clients, bring our talent to your business, check our arrange of services! Great value at a low price!

Clients and Case Studies:




Our services: Advanced Online Marketing – We provided a full service for 3 years and a half/ 42 months. After our intervention, the company went from turning over €15 million to €34 million. Business Consultancy, SEO in Searchers, Ad Campaign Management, Email Marketing, Web Analysis, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Management.


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Our services: Advanced Online Marketing – In 2009, Pymemarketing we developed an Ecommerce-oriented business, with the help of a supplier from the same sector. Since then, we provide a customised service to this online store, such as SEO in Searchers, Web Analysis, Email Marketing and market management. As a result, we brought about thousands of visits oriented to Ecommerce and a great number of sales.


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Our services: Affiliate Marketing – A new website was built related to the advertiser’s commercial activity, mainly designed to maximise the conversion rate of visitors that would land to the site. Also by writing an attractive content  it was generated a quality traffic that was potentially interested in the products and had a high tendency. Through their affiliate program, it was included a link tracker and we could bear out the campaign’s success through hundreds of sales and offers newsletter registrations , which were reimbursed a commission.


Do you want to know more?

Do you want to succeed on the internet as well? ¡Contact us and we will work hard to achieve!

Testimonials: Reviews from our clients:

Carlos Serrano CincaCarlos Serrano Cinca –

In all my ecommerce and Internet business courses, i always mention Miguel as example, to encourage the students to undertake and work hard as him and to research new opportunities, applications or ideas, always related to Internet and new tecnologies. Very often I visit his blog to be informed about the Online Marketing news, where he is specialised. I dont hesitate in asking about exceptional questions, which he always answer accuracy and celerity.

“Financial Economy and Accounting Professor in the Accounting and Finance Department at the Universidad de Zaragoza

Miguel Angel Garcia MadurgaMiguel Angel Garcia Madurga

Miguel Galve, and his company Pymemarketing, are an unique example of tenacity and customer focus. Always on the last trend, he offers customized solutions guided to results improvement, making the most of clients benefits using the best posibilities that technology offers. No doubt, a safe bet.

“Business Development at Artibal S.A Manager and assistant teacher of the Business Organization Department at Universidad de Zaragoza”

Miguel GuinaliuMiguel Guinaliu

I know Pymemarketing evolution from the begining, even time before, when his owner Miguel Galve, was studying at Economic Sciences and Business Faculty at Universidad de Zaragoza. I remember Miguel coming to my office to talk about projects, specially about SEO. It’s not really usual to find such a young and entreprising people. I tell this because for me, the most important thing in a company is the people, above all in a consultory, and specifically, who or whom manage it. I believe a company that has been created by the personal effort of a young entrepeneur is the best signature for small and medium firms that want to improve their online activity. A close talk between similar size orgs, and therefore aware about the difficulties of working with small budgets.

“Marketing Professor in the Marketing Management and Market Research Department at the Universidad de Zaragoza”

Jorge CobosJorge Cobos

Miguel Galve is creative, funny, organized, responsible, committed, professional, optimistic… is a pleasure to work with him. Is one of that people which yo enjoy working with; because of his professionalism and the good atmosphere that generate and transmit.

“Bachelor in Advertising and Public Relations by the Universidad de San Jorge – Graphic Designer, Comunity Manager and Ecommerce Specialist”

Luis ClausinLuis Clausin

In spite of his youth, Miguel Galve accumulate a great experience in such an important internet areas like marketing or ecommerce: Internet goes really fast and he knows it, that’s why he always keep in continous retraining. Definitely, entrepeneur, active, and inquiring are the qualities that, in my opinion, describes Miguel very well.

“Entrepreneur and Webmaster Specialist on Affiliate Marketing”

How we can work for you:

Miguel Galve Pymemarketing Manager

It’s a piece of cake!  We’ve precisely defined a great variety of professional services in Internet Marketing. We’ve also set up our website as an Ecommerce business, so that whenever you buy online you can decide what is the best value and price according to the investment volume you wanted to make on the Internet for your goals.

On service’s site you have access to the type of service that suits you most, read their features and even buy the best pack for your company. Payment options include bank transfer, credit card or Paypal, in our safe Internet buying platform.

If you ever need a hand while buying or have any doubts on a specific service’s details, on how we work, on the payment options or if you want to request a quote for your project, you can contact us on the phone, e-mail or through the form in the contact site in We’ll answer your requests asap and we’ll give you the best solution according to your needs.

Once you buy a pack on the website Pymemarketing or have made the invoice payment from your customised budget, on of our technical specialists will contact you to request the required information to start working with you in your project and apply the solutions you’ve ordered. 


In the following section we will show you some questions and answers to make clear how we work, what we offer and how to hire us. For more information, contact with one of technical specialists:

– How can you order any of our services?

  1. Choose the most interesting plan for you.
  2. Fill in your website, e-mail and other contact information.
  3. Make the payment by Paypal, credit card or bank transfer by secure payment.
  4. We’ll contact you to start working on your project and provide your service as quick and best as possible.

Just with some clicks you can raise your sales, become more visible and develop your business on the  Internet. Work with us and see how your benefits grow on your Internet investment, with our experienced professionals’ guidance!

– Payment Options:

The user can pay by bank transfer, PayPal or credit card. Any of the additional bank costs for international transference will be assumed by the user.

– How can you pay?

The payment is made in advanced due to the provision of our service by credit/debit card, by Paypal or bank transfer to Pymemarketing Publicidad y Comercio electrónico S.L.U.

It is necessary for any of the payments to select the service you’re interested in ordering on the website, click on the “Buy” button and fill in the forms with the required information, the sending options and finally select the payment method you want to make.

If you decide to pay via bank transfer, all the information will be provided at the end of the pro.

After selecting the payment method and having paid, we’ll immediately contact you to start working and send your invoice to your e-mail.

– How do we provide our services?

All of the online marketing services you order for your business fromPymemarketing are via Internet. In other words, we work from our company’s premises  in Zaragoza (Spain) but we will attend  your requests on distance, by the phone,or online communication tools like e-mail, chat,  Skype or  multiple Hangouts on Google+.

In order to carry out most of the projects, we will need your complete cooperation, for instance, by giving us access to accounts or tools necessary for providing the services requested by our clients.

Itis possible that some of the services, such as training, may be provided in your company’s, premises or at ours, only if it is detailed in Pymemarketing’s website. This may  require your presence or part of your team to be carried out.

Our services are performed by our highly qualified Internet Marketing technical specialists at  Pymemarketing, under Miguel Galve’s management , who is the establisher and director of the company.

We provide quality at affordable prices!… Request our services and we’ll show you how! Pymemarketing is guaranteed Professionalism!

– Projects’ submission Deadlines:

The deadline to provide the services that are shown on the site are explained with a detailed description of each pack.

Your requested service will be provided asap. In a general basis, we provide the most basic services in about 15 working days from the day we receive the purchase deposit.

Depending on the ordered service and our workload at the time, may delay the project’s deadline. This is why in case it’s urgent, it is convenient to contact us to give you an estimated date for the submission.

If you cannot find the submission deadline for one of our services, please contact us so we’ll agree with you  a deadline according to your needs and our company’s availability at the time. Thanks for your patience.

– Who carries out the work?:

At present, our staff consists of 3 members besides our external collaborators.

Miguel GalveMiguel Galve –

Business consultant specialized on Internet field with great ability to develope commercially explosive projects in web traffic, sells, innovative and profitable. “Business owner, specialist in Online Marketing. Pymemarketing. Publicidad y Comercio Electronico S.L.U Manager”


Our Internet Marketing technicians are highly qualified, specialised and passionate about their job. All of them have university studies in the area of business management and direction as well as a good language knowledge. And we do of course have a great experience by our training courses, the clients management and the projects we develop for them and we invest for.

In addition to this, any of the fulfilled tasks are at all times under supervision of Miguel Galve, founder and Director of Pymemarketing. He pays very careful attention to every single project for his clients. Be sure to know that your project will be characterised by dedication, care and detail, for which not only you’ll feel satisfied but also us for having given us the opportunity to develop it.

– Customised Projects for our clients:

Our services are addressed to any kind of company  that is interested in investing in Internet Marketing no matter their size. Entrepreneurs, start-Up, small, medium or large business. We adapt to offer you the easiest or most complex and customised solutions. Try our services and you’ll ask for more: we guarantee success!

Any kind of project proposed, either related to, technical or communicative issues, whether it requires a very specialised knowledge on this businesssi este exige un conocimiento del mercado muy especializado and/or is going to be developed for several months, it will be analysed by us using all our resources and if necessary, appoint  new  member to cover any specific needs and take your porject to its highest level. We love challenges… Challenge us, we’ll always give you the best solutions and prices!

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