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Cookies Policy

Cookies are small text files that uses to identify the web visitors, and this way improve their navegation experience and access to our own useful information or others in the same page.  Cookies are located in the hard-disk of the computer the time the sesion last. and take up a small section of space and don’t affect the computer running. They don’t contain personal information.

Almost all the web browsers accept automatically the cookies. Cookies can be refused or accepted independently, with the security configuration of the computer. If you deactivate cookies, some of the elements of our shop won’t be available and some pages won’t we correctly showed.

Without the user express consent , doesn’t link the personal information (name, adress, etc) with the information stored by the used cookies. To use the web advanced functions to personalize, the user accept the privacy policy, information protection and cookies (session / persistent).

About Cookies Policy

If you visit webpage with the browser configuration adapted to permit the cookies agreement or make use of the devices, mobile apps or another Pymemarketing. Publicidad y Comercio Electronico, S.L.U. software, confirms us that you want to see the products and services offers that sell and advertise and that you give your agreement to use the cookies and other technologies we use to provide you and, in this case, access to all the information you needed to make the purchase of that offer. Below, you will find more information about how to modify your browser configuration, how to manage the cookies and also how to deactivate them.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer (in your browser) from lots of sites across the internet.

¿Why does use cookies? uses cookies to get information and so offering the user a faster navegation avoiding to require information previously given. Also, uses Cookies to analize the users behaviour while surfing the website, being a really effective tool to value the website running and introduce improvements.

¿Which way uses cookies? use cookies to obtain information that considers of great utility. The cookies type that use and the information that obtains with any of them is detailed below:

Cookies types Purpose of this cookies types
Analitycs Cookies This cookies are used to analize the behaviour of the users in an added and anonymous way including the number of visitors of the website and diferent product file, the visit origin, day and hour, platform, number of clicks in a file, keywords, etc. This way, employ this useful tool to be able to introduce improvements in the website and know which content or design is more important for the user.
Functional Cookies These are cookies that help the user to have a better surfing experience. An example of this type of cookies use are those which are used to storage the voucher information in which you have clicked to see the offer, to know if the user completed the newsletter subscription form, or simply, to know the last consulted products, among others.
Advertising Cookies We use this cookies with the aim of showing adverts in other pages to offer more adapted adverts to the users preferences. In this case, we have both own cookies and stored by third parts.
Technical Cookies Technical cookies are necessary to show correctly the website and guarantee the correct running of it. This cookies are related with the ures session, the login and offers and services management.

How can I obtain more information about cookies?

If you check your browser configuration that you have installed in your computer, you have the possibility to select which cookies you want to accept and which you want to refuse. For more information, you can go to the next link

How to activate, manage, deactivate or delete cookies?

You can delete or disable cookies in your browser settings. There are different ways for doing this depending on the browser you’re using, to find out more visit Remember, if you do delete or disable cookies the website might not work how you expect, for example you could not access to all the web content.

In any case, to activate, to deactivate or to delete cookies is very simple in your browser. Let’s see the most usual:

– If you use Explorer 8.0+:

In the “tools” menu, select “Options of Internet”

Click on “Privacy” tab.

Choose the level of privacity that you want, moving the cursor which have six positions depending on the quanity of cookies you will allow to install.

Or from the link

– If you use Firefox 4.0+:

In the “tools” menu, selcet “Options”

Select the tab “Privacity” in the upper bar.

Choose the option you want.

Or from the link

– If you use Google Chrome:

In the menu, into “Configel menú, into “Configuración”, select “Show advanced options”.

Select “Configuration of content” into the option “Privacity”.

Or from the link

– If you use Safari:

Into “Settings” and “Safari”, select the option  la opción “Preferences”

Open the tab “Privacity”

Into the option “Block cookies”, select the option which better adapts to your needs.

Or from the link

The only way to refuse the agreement once it’s accepted is deleting the cookies already downloaded. For this, follow the instructions above.

Moreover, if you don’t want to be tracked by Google Analytics though all the webpages, go to the following link:

Also, does exist three tools to detect cookies in every website you visit and manage its deactivation, one of them is “Ghostery” Please, read carefully the help section of your browser to know more about how to activate the “private mode”, while your navigation in our web cannot be optimal and some of the utilities cannot work correctly.

If you need more information about the running of cookies, as well as the way to delete them, you can go to the following links: and