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Advertising Campaigns Management: Medium Google Adwords Plan

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We offer you the possibility of hiring our Advertising Campaigns Management Service in a fixed payment, where the remuneration is independent from the volume of sales we generate in your company. In this way, we have designed the following plan of your interest:

Adwords Medium Plan (Discover the potential of your business and bring out the highest performance):

Google Adwords account creation, Keywords Research relevant for your business and shaping the advertising campaigns for your business with up to 20 different ad groups, 3 versions of ads for each group of ads (60 different ads) and up to 80 keywords to track on the advertising costs and continuous improvement optimisation to maximise conversions. (Search Network and Display Network campaigns are both managed, according to the client’s needs, as well as advanced segmentations).

Prize for Medium Google Adwords Plan Service €375+VAT/month.

375 €