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Advice for affiliate program launch

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We provide you our knowledge to launch a successful affiliate program in the most convenient platform for your company. Each platform has different costs and requirements to sign up. We save your time in researching by yourself and we tell you the advantages of each of them to recommend you, according to our criterion, which one is the best for your business.

The launch of a new affiliate program requires reading several contracts filled with Internet specialised terms and some difficulties. If you hire us, you’ll count on our support for the program’s launch when making sure the contract terms are correct, the conditions of how the affiliates can promote or not their online store, texts about your company to inform affiliates which is the activity of your company and to become more appealing among the programs that you can choose to promote in the platform or the design of the different advertising banners.

Moreover, creating an engaging payment per sale program with fixed interesting commissions, especially to be an incentive to a specific kind of affiliates, to whom you could remunerate visits or sales per impression, or just to raise the remuneration if they reach certain commercial objectives.

Prize for Advising for Launch Affiliate program pack. €400+VAT. Lump sum.  Registration costs and program maintenance are not included.

400 €