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Basic Community Manager (Social Media Marketing)

Comunity Manager
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Basic Social Media Marketing Plan. Hire now our professional services of Comunity Manager to help you in a strategic way! with the social media communication campaigns management and the presence on Social Networks of your business.

Prize of Basic Comunity Manager Service300+VAT/Month. It includes the following details:

First time account creation in social networks for your business (Twitter, Facebook page, Googleplus page).

Personalised accounts in social networks adapted to the business corporate image you want to project. (Text generation, addition of contact details, profile pic selection and the right cover photo).

Relevant content publishing, 3 days per week, by status updates, links, photos, videos… in each social network regarding the business new features, offers, relevant news, contests, news about the industry or whatever information you consider interesting for the target audience.

Management on how to give the highest visibility to the social networks in the company’s communication and how to incorporate them in the entrepreneurial culture to become an advance in the management of the relations with the clients, which is beneficial to the value given from the company to its clients.

Commercial attention/Customer service and troubleshooting (to clients) in social media. An anticipated call to customer service or call center will provide the best solution. Monday-Friday: 9 am to 5.30 pm.

300 €