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Email Marketing
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We offer our specialised knowledge to improve Email Marketing campaigns from three perspectives:

1) Get the most of the current or newest e-mailing campaigns that you are sending to their own registered users’ database. In this way, you’ll be sending with a higher percent of trade openness and effectiveness. For this purpose:

We study your sent e-mail history to your database, to identify different types of clients, understand their behaviour, segmentate them and build communication plans by email according to their needs.

And we offer you the chance to design highly effective emails, trying out several variables of communication to improve your commercial effectiveness and do several tests of an opening % and conversion before sending anything to the whole database.

2) Succeed in increasing your registered users’ data to take advantage of the same web traffic of your current website, by implementing a series of technical improvements.

3) Reach more people of your interest by creating email marketing advertising campaigns to a qualified third party database that have a marketing license to communicate news and advertising from other companies.

Prize of Email Marketing Consultancy Pack  €400+VAT Lump sum.

400 €