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Google Adwords management by results (SEM)

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We offer you the possibility of hiring us in this model based on a payment-by-results, depending on the results we get in the online advertising campaigns management:

Google Adwords management by results (Variable fee):

When our remuneration is partially or completely variable depending on the generated salesand results to your company.

By installing an external positioning tracking system installation to identify the number of sales obtained from the campaign, and from then on, establish a remuneration system, such as a sales %, a % from the benefit margin or a fix for every sale obtained.

That is to say, if the campaign works we get paid, but if by some chance it didn’t work following our defined goals, then the client will only pay for the advertising but not for the management expenses (professional services remuneration) generated from the campaign’s management by our marketing agency.

This requires negotiating and signing a specific cooperation agreement of advertising by results. Contact us for more details!