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Online Store with Prestashop

PrestaShop Online Store
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In this pack we offer you the possibility to open a Prestashop online store registered with your own domain to which you can start uploading your products, receiving budget requests and obtaining your first sales. The pack includes:

  • Registration of a domain for your website.
  • Purchase of a hosting service for your Wordpress website.
  • Installation of Prestashop in your domain.
  • Selection and installation of a basic Prestashop template adjusted to our clients’ and the sector’s activity.
  • Module installation: welcoming URLs, Htaccess and Robots.txt to improve the SEO.
  • Account registration on Gmail (Google Email).
  • Back up copy of your original database after installation.
  • Back up copy of your website files in Google Drive.
  • 1 hour of technical assistance (by distance: email, phone call, Skype, Google+) to show you how you can publish your content, upload images, manage your hosting and any other support you may need  as a client about the pack you’ve ordered to start up your website.
  • Prestashop user’s manual with a set of reference links to helpful websites on how to use this tool.


Prize of Basic Online Store with Prestashop Pack: €200+VAT. Lump sum

200 €