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Standard Online Marketing Plan

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If you hire this services together in this Online Marketing Standard Plan, the price will be lower than the separated service prize.

This “Standard Marketing Online Services” Plan, 750+VAT/ Month, includes:

MAX Web Positioning Pack:

Our services on monitoring ranks in Google up to 30 keywords different within your business.

Keyword Research project on the most interesting words your company should gain more traffic online with and generate income.

Web Optimisation in Searchers (Medium plan) up to 300 different URLs.

Content Generation for your website, for which we’ll create and publish in your content editor (Wordpress or similar) a total of 20 posts per month.

Linkbuilding directed to your website with 10 new quality links per month.

Basic Adwords Plan:

Adwords account creation, Keyword research for your business.

Shaping of your comany’s campaigns (only for Search Network) with up to 5 different groups of ads.

2 versions for each group (10 different ads).

Up to 20 keywords to for tracking adverstising costs.

Optimisation to maximise continuous improvement conversions.

Basic Community Manager Pack.

First time account creation in social networks for your business (Twitter, Facebook page, Googleplus page).

Personalised accounts in social networks adapted to the business corporate image you want to project. (Text generation, addition of contact details, profile pic selection and the right cover photo).

Publishing of relevant content, 3 days per week, by status updates, links, pics, videos… on each social netwok related to different topics  like news from the company, offers, relevant news, contests, news from the sectors or any other information considered relevant to the target audience.

Management on how to give the highest visibility to the social networks in the company’s communication and how to incorporate them in the entrepreneurial culture to become an advance in the management of the relations with the clients, which is beneficial to the value given from the company to its clients.

Customer service and troubleshooting in social media (only for clients). An anticipated call to customer service or call center will provide the best solution. Monday-Friday: 9 am to 5.30 pm.

Useful reviews report for your business about the website’s traffic:

Traffic received to the site (number of visited sites, users, traffic source through keywords, by reference URLs, about the products and services with a higher demand, web traffic sales conversion, time spent at the website, users rebouncing, type of browsers, the kind of devices used by clients, and the websites where the web traffic mainly comes from.

All of it segmentated according to each country’s interests to take conclusions on what should be improved in the company’s website and your business expectations.

Email Marketing Consultancy continuous improvement pack:

Get the most of the recent or new e-mailing campaigns you’re sending to your own registered users’ database.  Sending a with a higher percent break and a higher commercial effectiveness. For this purpose:

We study your sent email history to your database, to identify different types of clients, understand their behaviour, segmentate them and build communication plans by email according to their needs.

And we offer you the chance to design highly effective emails, trying out several variables of communication to improve your commercial effectiveness and do several tests of an opening % and conversion before sending anything to the whole database.

750 €