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Marketing, Internet and E-Commerce Ebooks

An easy and economic way to broaden your knowledge before starting up any quest or just for improving your vocational training in a filed or subject is to get a specialised book.

At Pymemarketing we've prepared the following books for you, which will help improve your competences and if you're already struggling a battle in online business, bringing new ideas and solutions to the challenges you might have to face when selling on the Internet daily.

All of them are written by Miguel Galve, founder and director of Pymemarketing. They're based on a practical point of view and in first hand experiences that you'll find highly useful. Get yours now! They're available online (Ebook) or in hard copy. Come on, take advantage of the offers!

Ebook “Profitable E-commerce for Entrepreneurs”

In this book you'll find great pieces of advice on: starting business niches on the internet that offer interesting commercial opportunities. Being aware of the knowledge required before starting an entrepreneur adventure on the internet. Learning how to develop your online store with the right IT for your ease and utility that will satisfy your business necessities depending on your business, at the present time and later on.  And finally, a series of recommendations based on identifying the best practices in e-commerce and online marketing on which characteristics should include the perfect online store to sell on the internet.

This book will help you to develope your work on the internet the best possible way.

If you have an online bussines and you want to know how to manage it as optimal as possible, we offer you this solution to stay informed about all the tecnology and posibilities that internet gives you as well as tips from professionals of the area.

Get more information about “Profitable E-commerce for Entrepreneurs” in our product file at the online shop!

Book “Profitable E-commerce for Entrepreneurs”Now only for €5(VAT included). Lump sum.Buy Now

Ebook: “Dropshipping in E-commerce: A Step-to-Step Guide to Learn how to sell on the Internet”

This book explains what steps to follow to know how to start selling online without stock, how to identify interesting business niches for dropshipping. How to make a legal distribution agreement with suppliers; which technical development you should introduce in your online store to do e-commerce without stock; what to take into account in your clients communication, without them realising you're an online store without stock or physical premises; etc.

¡Find more information about “Dropshipping in E-commerce: A Step-to-Step Guide to Learn how to sell on the Internet” in its product file!

Ebook “Uncovering Affiliate Marketing: What is it and how to obtain benefit on the Internet?”

In this book you'll find out different ways to generate income on the internet.

Especially focused on affiliate marketing, the detailed explanation on each of them, how to start working with them, how to optimise the most popular tools to make the most of it, which the .com lifestyle and the advantages of being a successful affiliate on the internet

Also the real troubles you can find in this programs.

If you want more information about the content of this Ebook “Uncovering Affiliate Marketing: What is it and how to obtain benefit on the Internet?” visit the product file in this page.

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