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Basic Online Marketing

This solution includes:

SEO for Google MAX Pack:

Our services on monitoring ranks in Google up to 30 keywords different within your business. Also, a Keyword Research project on the most interesting words your company should gain more traffic online with and generate income. Moreover, Web Optimisation in Searchers (Medium plan) up to 300 different URLs.  And Content Generation for your website, for which we'll create and publish in your content editor (Wordpress or similar) a total of 20 posts per month. And Linkbuilding directed to your website with 10 new quality links per month.

Adwords Basic plan (Start selling and obtain results from the first minute):

Google Adwords account creation, Keyword research for your business and shaping of your comany's campaigns (only for Search Network) with up to 5 different groups of ads, 2 versions for each group (10 different ads) and up to 20 keywords to for tracking adverstising costs and optimisation to maximise continuous improvement conversions.

For more information about the details of this pack, check our product page "Basic Online Marketing" or "Contact us".

Standard Online Marketing

This Pack includes, in addition to the benefits of our Basic Marketing Online Pack, above described, the following services:

Most important Social Network Creation, Personalised accounts, publishing of relevant content, management, customer service, etc.

We analyse the number of visited sites, users, traffic source through keywords, by reference URLs, about the products and services with a higher demand, web traffic sales conversion, time spent at the website, etc.

We study your sent email history to your database, to identify different types of clients, understand their behaviour, segmentate them and build communication plans by email according to their needs.

In addition, we offer you the chance to design highly effective emails to maximize your campaigns. 

For more information about the details of this pack, check our product page "Standard Marketing Online Packor "Contact us".

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