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Public Relations and Online Reputation

To any person, organisation or company is extremely important to have a good reputation both in a personal and professional level, but this becomes magnified on the internet and any insignificant incident can turn against you.

Monitoring and Hiding negative research results in Google

If your reputation has been damaged you're still on time to recover it so you don't carry such a heavy weight on your shoulders that can destroy your business or your career.

Hire us and, as experts on web positioning in searchers like Google, we'll work for you managing your negative results in order to be less relevant, from first positions searchers to lower ones.

Trust us and let us rebuild correctly your online reputation! Find more details here

Buying sponsored posts

Would you like to have positive reviews in blogs or reference websites in your sector?

Leave to us the terms negotiation and prices for which you can buy those “reviews” or sponsored posts to bloggers and influential media, we'll do it efficiently, with the best quality and at the most affordable price as possible.

We're good at this; we can get you the best! Request a quote for what you had in mind to do! Find more details here.

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Press Notes to Specialised Sites

Would you like to communicate any news of your company, its launch or report of a new product?

Brilliant! Let us write for you the press note that will communicate what can really be of interest to get a publication. We'll prepare an email with an attached press note in Word or Pdf format and the required logos and images to be illustrated.

Then, we'll select the media that we consider most relevant. We'll contact them to manage press notes, blogs or media that have hired us to start spreading. Lastly, we'll send you a report with the sites where it was published and an assessment on the reached impact. Find more details here.

Track report of your activity online

Would you like to know what's on the Internet? What's the opinion around it? Or perhaps about your brand? Would you like to follow this volume of information generated every day on the Internet and be given the most relevant ideas summarised in a business document?

Great! Because we can do it for you! Nowadays there are technological tools able to summarise the information generated online or program warnings to stay always alert to any related news.

Let one of our members from Pymemarketing modify it and take control of it, to provide you purified information generated online. Find more details here.

Analysis of online PR campaigns effectiveness

Would you like a positive assessment on the impact of your communication activities online? Would you really like to know if it's of any use and you'd like to change your strategy or on the contrary you'd like to know you're going in the right direction and intensify your activity?

Wonderful! Contact us, send us information of your company, the references you want to be valued and we'll prepare a review report of them. Find more details here.

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