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Google Adwords

We'll create an account as a Google Adwords client and we'll charge it together with the amount you intend investing for your advertising. We'll manage your budget smartly to obtain the highest number of sales at a minimum cost, segmentating your campaign according to your target clients and our experience, in order to achieve positive benefits by a successful advertising campaign.

This is, the result of a good market management of advertising in Google Adwords, we'll always try to keep the advertiser's cost in Adwords + our management cost of the advertising campaigns, whether inferior to the commercial margin that thecompany obtains from the new sales we are directing to your online store or website where you requested our services for.

Accordingly, we offer the possibility to collaborate in two different modalities:

Google Adwords management by results (Variable fee):

When our remuneration is partially or completely variable depending on the generated salesand results to your company.

By installing an external positioning tracking system installation to identify the number of sales obtained from the campaign, and from then on, establish a remuneration system, such as a sales %, a % from the benefit margin or a fix for every sale obtained.

That is to say, if the campaign works we get paid, but if by some chance it didn't work following our defined goals, then the client will only pay for the advertising but not for the management expenses (professional services remuneration) generated from the campaign's management by our marketing agency.

This requires negotiating and signing a specific cooperation agreement of advertising by results. Contact us for more details!

Google Adwords management by results (Fixedfee ):

Here our remuneration is independent to the sales' volume we generate for your business. Accordingly, we've designed the following plans: Basic, Medium, Advanced and Premium.

Facebook Ads

As a client, we create a Facebook account and charge it with the amount you are interested in using for online advertising by Facebook, or CPM, by system PPC or through sponsored posts, as you prefer. If you have a clear idea or you let us give our advice. After buying the service, we’ll choose the most suitable method for your company depending on your goals.

That is to say, as a client you should first decide the amount of money you want to spend in advertising yourself in Facebook and add it to our management's cost.

We'll try our best to segmentate professionally an ad campaign, reach a target audience in this social network and try to maximise the sales rate while progressively reducing the conversion cost.

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