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Keywords Research

 We try to be in the consumer's shoes to determine which are the keywords that users look for on the internet when they want to buy our client's products .

In this way, according to some tools used to estimate the demand and to our judgement, we select the keywords for SEO purposes that we believe have more potential to attract a quality traffic to the website.

In other words, we choose the keywords that mean more visits to our client's website, and are open to turn into sales easily a percent of the visits.

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Web Optimisation in Searchers

If you already have a website but you don't gain traffic from searchers it is highly possible that you may need to modify some parts of the content like titles, headings, keywords, target descriptions, urls and even some part of the contents and images in order to change the evaluation that searchers make now about it. Then they comprehend it and after some modifications make it friendlier and understanding, deliver it back to Google ranks and start directing visits.

Sometimes you may be already receiving traffic, but you need a deep change on the type of traffic and take the best out of it.

There might be some cases in which the website has been penalised by searchers and therefore needs an analysis and a further plan to recover the lost traffic once the issue is solved.

But it might be possible that you don't have a website yet and you're about to create it. Then, we give you some pieces of advice on the kind of sites that you should create in your website to gain visits from searches as Google.

For all this and some other cases, we propose the following optimisation packs in searchers for your website or online business.

Content Generation

Content Writing and publication in CMS platforms like Wordpress, Blogger and the like suitable for the kind of business, company's goals and communication style the client is interested in transmitting. 

About 250-word articles with an image related to the article and publication of the article optimised for searchers (URL, title, head, SEO keywords, tagging and classifying to corresponding category, correct density of use of the keyword to be positioned and bolded and highlited characters in texts).

Each publication is determined by when the client wants it, for instance, if you bought an 80-post pack per month, you would get 20 posts posted to your blog every week.



Having a correct structure of the information, an optimised web for search engines, identified the keywords for your business and generated the latest content matters nothing without links, since they are always necessary to obtain the best ranks in searchers.

Links and positioning in searchers need to get along like a house on fire. Each time your site is linked to another website, you gain more authority. So, the more links you gain from sites with authority or specialised in their market niche close to yours, Google search will give more value to your site every time someone looks for a word related to a product or service you offer online.

Therefore, this feature needs extra attention, especially if the online marketing strategy is focused on gaining traffic from searchers. Besides, an empire is not built in one day.The rate of links obtained  should be progressive, constant through time and seem as natural as possible.

In this sense, Pymemarketing goes for obtaining links from business blogs, creating blogs in free platforms, start threads on forums, send articles to directories, create micro niche sites and last but not least, exchanging non-reciprocal links or reciprocal if there's any interesting deal.

Consequently, we offer you from our company a professional opportunity of obtaining a specific number of quality links every month. In this way, your site will stand out in the kind of websites expalined before and link to your site and progressively climb up in the ranking when searching the keywords identified for your profitable business online:

Rank Tracking on Searchers

After identifying the relevant keywords that bring visits and sales to your business, we enter those keywords in our copmany's software, which will enable us to see the evolution of those keywords in search engines ranks (Google or others).

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Web Positioning on Google Searcher Packs

Positioning a website in the first ranks of Google's searcher and gaining a user's quality traffic, that use it for tracing information or buying certain products, requires hard work for several months to obtain any results.

Depending on the competence, it is usually needed from 6-9 months at least to reach the top positions of the industry.

We need to take into account that a top position in specific Google searches is an important income channel to many businesses. The great majority of people who believedin the Internet channel, are now in a much more advanced position than the rest because they have probably  been investing  in searcher positioning for years. Nowadays they still invest in order to improve their position ahead of their competitors, or at least not moving down, as a consequence of new businesses way in online market willing to compete for obtaining positions with certain keywords.

This means that web positioning in searchers should be seen as a monthly investment over the time, and a part to be saved from a marketing budget. Only if you're looking forward to, and by a good SEO management, you can reach the top positions and keep hold to it.

One of the adavntages of searcher positioning is that  if you  request help from a professional company as ours, you'll observe succeeding results and consequently, how you get back your return on investment as soon as you gain traffic from Google and visitors that become clients.

From that moment on, you'll realise what a great decision was to use SEO for your website and  how you'll feel to invest more in it…

Therefore, if you're conviced of developing your business online… web positioning in searchers is the main provider for income and profitability .

For this reason we have prepared for you the following searcher positioning packs  (StartPlusProMax), so that you can order them with the tasks you need to make your  site appear inthe highest positions of  Google's ranks, for a more interesting and affordable price than ordered separately.

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