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Web Analytics

Measuring, analysing and optimising are the keys to improve your return on investment. These are the reasons why we analyse your traffic: to make you aware of any mistakes you might be making, to identify the chances that will improve your site and to value your results' progress on the marketing actions you've taken. Choose from our array of solutions!

Analysis Tools Applications

Installation and configuration of measuring traffic tools and web status (Google Analytics, Statcounter, Google Webmaster Tool, Jetpack for Wordpress).

Web Analytics for Ecommerce

Module installation for conversion tracking in ecommerce platforms like Prestashop or Oscommerce. Configuration of the different objectives to be reached in your ecommerce website, such as users registrations, reading on specific parts of the website, conversion funnels in order to check further analytics reports if your business users are in the correct route. However, if this hasn’t been carried out, check where’s  the problem in your website, e.g. see where the highest number of users loss comes from or what issue is causing it.

Useful reviews report for your business about the website's traffic

We analyse the traffic received to the site (number of visited sites, users, traffic source through keywords, by reference URLs, about the products and services with a higher demand, web traffic sales conversion, time spent at the website, users rebouncing, type of browsers, the kind of devices used by clients, and the websites where the web traffic mainly comes from. All of it segmentated according to each country's interests to take conclusions on what should be improved in the company's website and your business expectations.

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