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The latest own project we launched in is called This is a website that collects and highlights the freshest, viral and interesting content on the Internet for users to enjoy their leisure time and entertainment, anytime, anywhere place.

The idea was inspired by the success of Anglo websites like Viralnova, Buzzfeed and other. This sites showing news, videos, stories and curiosities from a different point of view. With headlines and striking images in the news, creating curiosity and desire to learn more readers. Using this tricks, they call attention to want to share them on social networks with your friends, thus attracting more users to the website and making the community grow.

This kind of web pages generate millions in revenue, thanks to its huge amount of traffic. So after analyzing the market we decided to launch a web site on this subject. Identifying the best of them and creating a product in Spanish for all Spanish users in the world wich they are looking to enjoy their leisure time.

The’s business model is to generate revenue through advertising. To do this, advertising is sufficiently integrated into the website, that is not perceived as annoying by the user and continue to visit this page regularly over time.

The expected turnover for the business depend on the volume of traffic that reaches the web. We believe that to make the project profitable community need to grow gradually, reaching 50,000 visits per day. Perhaps with less traffic also get achieve breakeven, as the management model is completely “lean startup” with a slight business structure capable of adapting to the circumstances of expenses and income, depending on available resources.

The website was launched in November 2014 and you can find more information about the project or follow us on social networks: FacebookTwitter and G+. Hope you like it!